Andreas Ley

iPhone & iPad App Developer
+41 79 850 64 56

Creating an iOS app is no sorcery, but it's important to have the right ingredients. Some of them you already have; others I can contribute. Most of them, however, need to be created from scratch.

Consulting & Review

Sometimes, it's useful to get the opinion of someone on the outside – before the project starts, while it is underway or in the form or a review for an already existing app.

My services:
  • Joint meeting to clarify issues and technical details.
  • Preparing a report on functionality, usability, code quality, etc. of an existing app.


While the idea in itself is not worth anything, all successful apps originate from a good idea. A lot of projects already fail at this stage, but often this isn't recognized until well into the development.

I can help you in this crucial phase to get to a down-to-earth, marketable vision of your app by asking the right questions.

My services:
  • Brainstormings/workshops with possibility to
    experiment with the GUI and code
  • Explaining of current technologies and processes,
    their opportunities and risks

Graphical design

"Design first" was a guiding principle when the iPhone was created, and this approach has been proven to work very well for iOS apps, too. An early design phase allows validating the idea before investing a lot of time into specifications and technology.
After this phase, everyone involved in the project should have a clear vision of how the app will look and work.

My services:
  • Creating pixel-perfect screen designs that are technically feasible.
  • Presenting and explaining the designs on-site
  • Providing access to a web-based version of the designs to see them directly on the device


If the feasability or usability of a certain feature is in doubt, it is often best to just experiment with it. A small app, created for this specific purpose, is very helpful in this situation.

My services:
  • Development of interactive prototypes that can be run directly on the device


Which devices and iOS versions are supported? What functionality is triggered by which input element? What interfaces are required? How will the code be documented? Who will test the app? When is the go-live?

The specification is a framework that outlines the definite requirements and goals while retaining a margin to respond to unexpected changes during implementation.

My services:
  • Working together on clarification and specification of what content the app should contain and how it should be used
  • Assessment of technical details and interfaces
  • Creation of sample screens and diagrams to illustrate user interface details, functionality and processes
  • Compiling of a comprehensive conceptual document that makes it possible to create estimates for development costs and duration


A good idea deserves a high-quality realization. For iOS apps, this means solid, clean, efficient and comprehensible code. Some effects of good code are very visible: Quick loading and fluid animations. The invisible ones are at least as important: Forward compatibility, power efficiency, security, ...

My services:
  • Professional software design
  • Creation and conversion of assets (images, audio, video, fonts, localizations, ...)
  • Programming in high-quality Swift

Debugging & Optimization

In an iOS app, some bugs are hard to find. Retain cycles when using blocks or memory Leaks related to the usage of Core Foundation classes can lead to errors that are very hard to track. Because mobile apps sometimes run for weeks, these are exactly the problems that need to be tracked down.
Optimizing the performance is very important as well, because that means less power consumption and therefore improved battery life.

My services:
  • Eliminating compiler warnings
  • Locating and fixing bugs and memory leaks
  • Optimizing performance and battery life


The level of perfection of iOS apps is quite high – as is the expectation of users. Only with polishing, a good app becomes great.

My services:
  • Iterative refinement of design and code


Structured and documented testing of the app is inevitable for medium and large projects. I can help you plan and prepare these tests; their execution should be done by someone outside the development team.


There are very strict rules regarding deployment of iOS apps. Still, there are different ways to deploy apps internally or publicly.

My services:
  • Assisting with the management of Provisioning Profiles, certificates and packages
  • Support when using Enterprise Distribution (e.g. download of the app from company-owned servers)